Boxers or Briefs? Men’s Fashion dos and don’ts

Boxers or briefs? Which category do you fall into?With both Boxers and Briefs having their advantages and disadvantages, men are faced with a problem: do they go for the airy and comfortable boxer shorts, or do they stick with the supportive and flexible briefs? To attempt to resolve the ongoing debate would be somewhat nonsensical, given that both styles of men’s underwear have their ups and downs. However, this guide will endeavor to point out the ‘dos and don’ts’ when choosing men’s underwear and will suggest ways of avoiding the classic underwear faux pas! Continue reading

Male Underwear Styles

A man's underwear reflects his overall styleWhen shopping for men’s underwear, you don’t need to settle for basic white underwear. This is because there are actually many different styles available to you. These styles are going to help you alter your feel, and you might discover you feel more comfortable in a different style of underwear you hadn’t known existed before now. Feel free to shop around the different kinds of underwear until you find one that fits best and feels the best, as some styles might be perfect for you. Continue reading

Male Underwear Types

There are 3 main types of men's underwearIt’s important to understand male underwear types so that you can choose the best look and fit that meets your needs. There are several varieties of male underwear types available but the three most common and well known kinds of underwear are boxers, briefs, and a tighter version of boxers known as boxer briefs. Each has a distinct look and feel, and you should know the differences between all three male underwear types. Continue reading

Where to Buy

Knowing where to shop can make buying clothes a whole lot easierWhen choosing where to purchase your male underwear, as a buyer, taking the time to find the best male underwear store to shop with, is not only going to ensure you get the best quality, and the best underwear on the market, but it will also ensure that the buyer is going to find the best prices at the male underwear store that they have chosen to shop with for the purchase. Continue reading